Thursday, September 27, 2007

Time2Fly--Christian Manga Series

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I love to read manga, but my mom worries about me reading bad stuff. So when I found these, I thought, "Hey, we both win!"

"Time2Fly" is about Laurel. She is the only "normal" person in her family. Her little brother has best selling books. Her dad is a renowned scientist. And her mom is a brain surgeon.

She is upset that she is normal and wishes that her whole family was normal. But when her dad gets captured by Darchon, Laurel is forced to join up with some robotic flies and go back in time to save her dad.

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"Turtle Trouble" continues the story, but now Laurel has to protect Benjamin Franklin...I'm not making this stuff up!
These are pretty good. I wish they had a little more action and excitement. But they have good storylines and the villains aren't bad, for what you can come up with to fight robotic flies, that is!

I would recommend this series for anyone who is looking for alternative manga that is clean, and for ages 8 and up. I give "Time2fly" 3 out of five bookmarks...because I crave more action!

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