Thursday, September 27, 2007

Tomo--Christian Manga

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I was looking for a "different" kind of Japanese manga. I stumbled onto "Tomo", which is about a girl that is from Japan but lives in the US with her grandfather in San Francisco.

She is trained in martial arts, and her grandfather is a martial arts master. Creatures from another world are after a sword. Tomo has the sword. But, who is Tomo? You'll just have to read it!

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The second book is called "My Double-Edged Life". In this one we find out more about the creatures from the first book, and how Tomo is able to protect the sword. But, again...who is Tomo?

You have to read them to find out!!

I recommend this series to readers who like fantasy/action manga and ages 10 and up. I give "Tomo" four out of five bookmarks because the books have lots of good stuff in them, no bad stuff, and lots of action, which I like!

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nielyngrace said...

i really love tomo!!! i've read its first book... and i am soooooooooooo excited to read the next books!!!! i'm so happy knowing that many are hooked with this manga series... i, too, love anime so much... but this one is really amazing!!! it is really good!!!! i really appreciate your blog... so much!!!! may GOd bless you@@@

nielyngrace said...

i've just checked the date that you posted this blog... goodness!!! it was my birthday last, last year!!!! when i turned 18... wow!!! what a coincidence!!!!

ironlady said...

Great Manga Series! I bought 1,2,and 3 for my little sister and brother and they love to read it.

bhem said...

i haven't read this book but then by reading your comments it excites me to get a copy of this manga. Hope to get the 1st book.