Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Welcome to Book Kid Reviews!


My name is Book Kid (my mom won't let me tell you my real name--she's protective like that)!

My mom is Deena and she reviews books at A Peek At My Bookshelf and she is really good at it.

So I'm gonna review the books I like and that I think kids should read. Of course, if you're like my mom, you're gonna wanna read them, too!

I'm still in school, and have lots of homework, so check back every day, 'cause you never know when I'm going to post a review.

See you in the funny pages!

Book Kid


Anonymous said...

With a book reviewing Mom like Deena, you are sure to do well!

Best wishes!

TaunaLen said...

Hey BookKid! Welcome to Blogger. I am a friend of your mom's and I can't wait to read more of your book reviews.

Hug your mom for me!


Rel said...

Hey BK - looks good! I'll have to send my daughters here for a look - they love reading too :)